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Our business is all about supporting yours!

Who we are

We strive to provide the highest quality legal services for our clients and we measure our success by how we contribute to yours.

Our experienced team has been helping private persons, entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to make sense of complex matters, resolve legal issues, and protect interests within and across borders for over a quarter of a century.

Victoria Tasso, Charlotte Bille-Edholm, Agnès Léautier, Jean-Jacques Zander, Mélanie Martinez, Liv Hentze, Julia Durand, Manuel van de Kerckhove

Our Vision

To build long-term successful relationships and be an indispensable partner to our clients in their legal affairs.

Our Mission

We anticipate and provide creative, practicable legal solutions for our clients’ rapidly shifting needs using an integrated team approach to provide high quality legal services in the most timely, cost-effective, and efficient manner possible.

Our Core Values

Everything we do is built on putting the client-attorney relationship foremost, demonstrating the utmost integrity, understanding, tenacity and perseverance.

What we do

We represent corporate and private clients in a wide range of matters organized into two main practice areas; corporate & commercial, and family & private law.

Corporate legal advice


Our team advises on a full range of corporate matters covering the entire corporate lifecycle from incorporation to advising on restructuring or changes in direction.

  • Incorporation
  • Shareholder & director agreements
  • Merger & acquisition
  • Taxation
  • Winding up & liquidation
  • Compliance regimes
Commercial legal advice


We know about business. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in the full range of legal issues that arise in the course of business operations:

  • Contract
  • Employment
  • Intellectual property
  • Data Protection & Privacy (GDPR)
  • Marketing law
  • Competition & anti-trust
  • Transport, international trade
  • Real-estate
  • Dispute resolution, mediation & arbitration
  • Litigation
Family and private legal advice

Family & Private

We know that these issues can often be complicated, especially in cross-border situations. Our team always strives to use their expertise and experience to assist our clients in the most efficient way possible, with harmonization between French and Swedish legal systems.

  • Inheritance and family law
  • International private law
  • Estate administration
  • Division of matrimonial property
  • Real estate
  • Assets and wealth management
  • Taxation family law, generation planning
  • Litigation
  • Immigration

How we work

More and more businesses are making the decision that they do not need a full-time in-house legal department and instead are outsourcing this function. The advantage for our clients is that they get access to full-service cross-border legal advice “on demand” from a highly qualified and experienced team without tying up cash-flow with full-time employees.

Regular interaction ensures that we build a strong understanding of the business organization and the organization’s risks and goals, enabling us to anticipate and react to the challenges and opportunities that arise in the course of business.

As part of the Outside Legal Counsel service we also offer a periodic reviews and legal risk analysis of business processes, contracts, legal documents, and compliance mechanisms ensuring that our clients mitigate risks, remain compliant and increase competitiveness.

Our people

Diversity & Teamwork

We work with a truly diverse range of clients and many of these client relationships involve cooperation across practice groups and different office locations. Diversity and teamwork are a fundamental aspect of our work environment.

Reflecting this our people come from a wide range of cultural, professional and personal backgrounds. All our people are multilingual, many have worked as in-house legal counsel and as associates they are encouraged to spend time in all the practice areas to gain experience and perspective. We believe teamwork and diversity are our strengths


Jean-Jacques Zander, Senior Partner, Eurolawyers

Jean-Jacques Zander

Senior Partner
+46 (0)8 660 35 70

Charlotte Bille-Edholm, Advokat, Eurolawyers

Charlotte Bille-Edholm

Advokat – Member of the Swedish Bar
+46 (0)730 204 969

Victoria Tasso, Senior Associate, Eurolawyers

Victoria Tasso

Senior Associate
+46 (0)761 845 941

Agnès Léautier, Senior Associate, Eurolawyers

Agnès Léautier

Senior Associate
+46 (0)760 064 268

Julia Durand, Associate, Eurolawyers

Julia Durand

+46 (0)708 550 102

Liv Hentze, Assistant Associate, Eurolawyers

Liv Hentze

Assistant Associate / Office Manager
+46 (0)702 961 756

Manuel van de Kerckhove, Tax Advisor, Eurolawyers

Manuel Van de Kerckhove

Tax advisor
+46 (0)8 660 35 70


Jean-Jacques Zander, Senior Partner, Eurolawyers

Jean-Jacques Zander

Partner – Cabinet d’avocats Eurolawyers
Advokat – Avocat au Barreau de Paris
+33(0)6 73 90 96 63

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